Moving Day

Yesterday I moved. Moving is always more than one thinks and this time was no exception. Oh my goodness, where did all this stuff come from? I have my three suitcases-one largish and two small plus my briefcase, another bag with more shoes, yet another with books, and still another with food I have purchased and stored in the cocina in Lunallena. Ayiii! So much stuff. So I cannot go by subte I must get a taxi.  I get all this gear downstairs from my room with a little assistance from the maid at Lunallena, and park it by the front door, which I must open with two keys-simultaneously! Then I peek out and search the street for passing taxista! I spy one across the street assisting a disabled person to her door and dash across to ask if he’s free. He is! Fantastico!  He kindly backs up a bit on our one-way coblestoned street to in front of Lunnalenna and I begin hauling out my gear. I think he’s a bit amazed, but he says nothing. The trip down to San Telmo from Palermo Hollywood takes a good 40 to 45 min. The traffic is thick and the weather is rainy. We arrive and he kindly parks on the side of the street where taxis don’t usually park. Chacabucco is another narrow one way and the traffic: taxis-cars-busses-trucks, all of which are plentiful-usually do not park on the side of the street where I need to unload. But this guy does-and I am pleased. He helps me unload and I press the buzzer for aomeone from my school to come let me in. Entrance and exit is done by key. My hostess lives in the same building as Rayuela (say ¨Rash-way-lah¨) is located-my language school.  Soon I am let in and Alejandro, the director of the school and my private tutor, comes along with his secretary, Anna, and they help me with this abundance.  Alejandro carries all the heavy stuff and won’t let me wait downstairs-he absolutely insists we haul up a flight of stairs-to the school, as Susanna will not come for an hour.  He’s kind and gentlemanly toting all the heavy stuff up a narrow and winding marble staircase. After entertaining me with coffee and chat, he also helps me move this heavy gear to Susanna’s-down and up again.  (It weighs a ton, he said!)   Now I am here for a couple of weeks in a home-stay with a lady about my age who is Argentinian and a professional therapist.  This is to (ostensibly) help my language accusition.  (Let us pray!) Susana is a delightful gal who just started tango dancing and loves it. Her shockingly red hair can be seen from a block away, but so can her smile! So far so good! I am just next to the street one flight up, so there is that-street noise thing most hours of the day and night. Remember this is the famolus city that never sleeps. But the room and in fact the whole apt is very nice-and warm, which is so great because it´s been very cold and rainy for three days. There is one other guest, Marco, from Germany. He’s maybe late 20’s or early 30’s-tall, well put together and very cute. He is kind also. He taught me to text yesterday! Imagine that, kids! I now have an AR cel and I can text. Petre, my friend from Lunallena, the hotel I came from, helped me purchase it and get it charged with time. (her Spanish is much better than mine) She’s from th Hague and is so dear. She’s a single mom with one little 4 yr old boy whose daddy is Mexican, thus her great Spanish! He’s very cute. I saw him on the skype. Petre and I have really enjoyed hanging out together. I hated to have to move away as she is only here another week, but we’ll go dancing at Club Grisel. We’re going to find out if the gentleman who kept asking about me last time we were there will actully ask me to dance. That’s tomorrow! Tonight I will go to a jazz club and meet with my friends Nico and Chino, both young men who worked in the tango intensivo I attended when I first came. They are both adorable and very kind to me. Another guy from the intensivo is playing with his combo-German (say ¨Herman¨) On Tuesday evening this week Nico came to Lunallenna and we talked for four hours until 2 a.m.!! It was so great as we have made a real heart connection. He loves to chat about all things spiritual, how language works, etc etc. And of course we talk about his girlfriend problems. This seems to be a recurring theme in my time here–talking with lovely young men about their love lives! Mark from Gremany was in my Spanish class when I first came and that’s mostly what we talked about–his two girlfriends–the old and the new and what oh what shall I do? So Mark went on a 6 month trip around the world to clear his head and we met in Spanish class. I will keep in touch with him because we made a nice heart connection as well. We (Nico and I) danced a bit Tues nite too– of course, a kind of lesson. Goodness he is a great dancer! I am so sad he has to leave on the 13th for a trip to Colorado. Perhaps he will get to visit me in OR before he returns to BsAs. I hope so.  It’s 2:30 p.m. (or 14:30). Time to go find empanadas for lunch–they come in chicken, corn, beef, vegetable . . .ham and cheese. All yummy and only $1.50 for two! Plenty for lunch. And, they warm them for you as well! Empanadas are one of my favorite things about AR.  Awesome. Vamos!


About tangobunny

Pastor Bunny went on sabbatical leave to Argentina July 28-November 4, 2010, funded by a pastoral renewal grant from the Lily Foundation. It was her second visit to AR. Since then she's been back three more times and toured the country. She loves the Argentine people as much as the tango and calls Argentina her other home.
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  1. Sheri says:

    You are having so much fun with so many new friends–I am delighted for you! Enjoy some empanadas for me tambien, por favor!

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