Bunny longs to return to Argentina whenever she’s not there. After five visits,  it’s home away from home, family away from family . . . lovely to experience and good to share.  The Argentine experience is different for each person; for Bunny it’s all about connecting with good friends, diving deep into the culture, including the tango culture, and drinking from the deep well of Argentine kindness and hospitality. What’s not to love?  Bunny is beginning her second retirement in Vancouver WA outside her tango heartland, Portland.  She started this blog to connect with parishioners, family and friends during her sabbatical in 2008.  These days it’s a place to continue to celebrate and reflect upon the gift of Argentine tango thru the lens of her journey.


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  1. Charisse Tooze says:

    Hi Bunny–I’ve been reading your blog posts and enjoying knowing about your experiences and observations. Thanks for sharing with everyone. We miss you here in Portland. Keep enjoying yourself, both those ups and downs! It’s obvious you find richness everywhere.

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