Living the LIfe-Living Free

Slept late today-barely had time to wolf down a small yogurt before grabbing a taxi to Pichinchay Chile in a bario some distance away-

70 pesos worth which is about $7. and took about 35-40 minutes. I went to meet Hernan V. for a Zamba class–private. It was so good and worth more than the $35 american he asked.  He’s an amazing teacher and turns out he was first to do Zamba in the milongas here over ten yrs ago–He’s been pro folkloric dancer/teacher for 15 yrs–tango-10 yrs–he’s amazing ans very professional.  I’ll go again–Monday!

When I returned to Lunallena I moved into the suite at Ricarda’s invitation–for only $10 additional a night–a gratuity to compensate me for the grief of dozens of mosquito bites and no net initially —– it’s quite a nice change I must say–and I am pretending to be”The Queen” for four days! hahahahaha. Juan Carlos–who works here–and who I will help w/English–and I got a great laugh out of this.

I waited around a bit for German to get back to me—but he didn’t so finally went to eat LOMO at same place down street as I ate sushi the other night. Now I am a celebrity!  Even the owner, Martin, came to my table, introduced himself and chatted for a while–He said, Are u on hollidays?” I said, “I’m retired. I’m free and every day is a holiday.” He said, “I’m free too(and referred to his bare ring finger) two years now.”

This is what is fueling me this trip–the people—before I left the restaurant I had pics with Martin, Matias, the manager and all the staff! Crazy.

The food was amazing again-esp the starter–fresh salmon wrapped around avocado and cream cheese and drizzled with passion fruit syrup—OMG. They gladly subed salad for potatoes to go w/my lomo–which was amazing–Me happy eater.

I intended to go to dance at Veruta after–but back in the luxurious suite–I’m one happy, full and sleepy gal.

Martin’s parents immigrated to AR after WW2-from Croatia. He’s been a pro football player–played big time and made big money–also blew out his knees and had 2 surgeries–needs another–can’t play now–but has this lovely restaurant and also an import/export biz–owns a house—supports his x and 2 kids. He’s so cute–wish he was 50 or 60 something instead of 30 something.

He looks so much like Bruno makes me want to take Bruno there to meet him–they would like each other I am sure.

1:30 am–I think I am okay to read a bit and sleep. Veruta will be there tomorrow. What a great, glorious day! Chino, I am living and enjoying my life as full out as I can!


About tangobunny

Pastor Bunny went on sabbatical leave to Argentina July 28-November 4, 2010, funded by a pastoral renewal grant from the Lily Foundation. It was her second visit to AR. Since then she's been back three more times and toured the country. She loves the Argentine people as much as the tango and calls Argentina her other home.
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