So, for my last day of a very short visit in BsAs, Chino and German arranged an afternoon and overnight in the suburbs.  We went to German’s family summer house. It is a small, two bedroom place with a nice yard and a pool. Chino was so disappointed the pool wasn’t usable: only a foot of green, slimy water at the bottom.  And of course I’d bought a suit because I hadn’t brought one . . . .alas, I was a little disappointed too.  Chino and I traveled on his motorcycle the one hour distance to our “mini holiday.”  German and his girlfriend came by train and bus.  The traffic was horrible so they were late.  German and Shamilla went off to get food and brought back hot dogs, which the others scarfed down like they were starving.  I managed to choke down half.  I thought that was it but I was wrong.  Along came Pedro, another friend I’d met at his studio the previous Friday.  He came on his and brought dough he’d made earlier for pizza!  After some banter about how the pizza would best be cooked German asked me if I had ever seen pizza cooked on the bar-b-q (Everone here in AR has an outdoor grill especially for preparing the famous and to-die-for Argentine asado.) I said “no,” so that cinched it—I was to be treated to an amazing culinary experience: barbecued pizza!  Turns out Pedro is something of a gourmet cook.   He boiled fresh tomatoes and made fresh sauce.  Toppings included fried egg, sauteed onion, red bell peppers and some kind of cheese I wish I had right now!   I am generally not much of a pizza fan, but I could eat this kind every day! Yum! There was a LOT of pizza being prepared and I begn to be concerned when more guests arrived at the front gate, old friends of German’s who he happened to run into at the market earlier.  Six more people, so we had a real party feeling among us.  My Spanish is so poor I miss a lot, but some of the women spoke enough English to chat with me a bit.  It was midnight or later by the time we gathered around the table and 3 a.m. when Chino tapped my leg rousing me from a little dozing off.   “Want to sleep?”  I smiled as he led me off to my room for the night, grabbing my bag from the front room as we passed thru.  Resting was sweet but not long enough.  Very early in the morning it gets  light, and very early the children arrive at the school next door.  They are full of energy, enthusiasm and laughter . . . . . entonses, nothing to do but get up.  I wander thru the sleeping house and out to the backyard.  The grass smells fresh and the trees are lovely, speaking softly with the wind.   I feel amazingly tranquil though surrounded by a small town teaming with activity.  I lay down and stretch out on my back to enjoy the leaves moving across the sky and the feel of earth and grass beneath me.  My sweet friends spared no cost or love to give me this kind gift.  Beautiful Argentina!  I miss you already!


About tangobunny

Pastor Bunny went on sabbatical leave to Argentina July 28-November 4, 2010, funded by a pastoral renewal grant from the Lily Foundation. It was her second visit to AR. Since then she's been back three more times and toured the country. She loves the Argentine people as much as the tango and calls Argentina her other home.
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