Wise Words

Adults are full of wisdom. Take Nancy for example. She’s here in BsAs at the same time and I have enjoyed so much hanging out with her a bit. The other day she was talking about how long everything takes here and how it’s really not a good idea to get attached to one’s plans and time lines. “Once I just decided to take things as they come,” she said, “and just open myself to the very real possibility that my idea of what the day would look like might not be that at all, I began to enjoy the new things happening and it’s always good. Something good always happens, but maybe not anything you dreamed of.” And that’s my experience too. Every day is an adventure here. Yesterday I went off to Abasto Shopping area to find tango shoes. Alas, all the tango shops were closed. Shopping center was open but since it was Sunday all the little shops were closed. So no tango shoes. I did however enjoy a lovely long walk in the neighborhood of Abasto, happened on a children’s fair with clowns and children twirling ribbons on sticks and sinning hula hoops. Lovely and joyful on a sunny Sunday! I walked to the Subte and along the way found a great kid’s shop and bought a musical mobile for Nico’s baby which I would deliver later in the evening. Then I jumped on the Supte and got of at Corranza, my stop, but just barely as I was daydreaming and almost missed it. Andeen restaurant is right there when u come up from the Supte so I stopped in for a couple empanadas, (tomatoe, cheese and altuna) and una copa tinto! Yummy.  I was looking for Gabriella, a waitress I met there last year, but her sister said she is infirma(a little sick.) I watched the football game a little on their big flat screen and saw a great goal by BA over Columbia. Then walked to the nearby store only to discover the shelves nearly empty. This one is going under. This is the first clear sign I have seen of the anxiety over the economy here but people talk about it all the time. Then to the Chinaman’s store to see if he has Gin. Success . . . .and he even had tonic and lime as well. I picked up some beer for Nico and Aricelli and headed for Lunallena, just half a block away.  As I approached the door I heard music from within. Strange I thought, maybe someone is having a party Sunday night? But upon entering I discovered the dance floor filled with dancers and a practica in progress. Wow, wish I had known, I wouldn’t have taken so long to get back.  This is something new since I was here a year ago.  I put my bags down and grabbed my shoes from upstairs and danced for 30 minutes only because Nico and his lovely wife were waiting for me. I had some very nice partners and the teaching was superior. An older guy, maybe 80s was teaching and demonstrating. Then two other guys, one quite lovely and near my age too, assisted in teaching. I was sorry to have to leave before it was done. But off I set again and had to walk about three blocks to find a taxi. I arrived at Nicos and buzzed for him. He came down to unlock and let me in. We shared big smiles and big hugs! What a joy to see him again. Their baby Inaki, is two months and soooo beautiful and calm. Ariceli is just 21 and Nico is about 40 and they are perfect tether. Last year she stood back from me a bit but now she embraces me and was a perfect hostess, serving lots of meats and cheeses and pickeled things from the fridge to go with our beer.  I was happy to learn of Nico’s new and thriving taxi dancer business. He was struggling last year but now he’s found his niche. Ariceli and fatherhood is good for him!  We had a lovely party with lots of laughs and I finally left reluctantly about 12 because Nico had to rise early to get to work by 11am. Yes, this is early for the tango world. Before I left Nico gave me some instruction on how to buy the best bombilla, the metal straw for the matte. I need to find one for my teacher at home. So it goes in BsAs . . . another day, another adventure and deeper connections with good friends.


About tangobunny

Pastor Bunny went on sabbatical leave to Argentina July 28-November 4, 2010, funded by a pastoral renewal grant from the Lily Foundation. It was her second visit to AR. Since then she's been back three more times and toured the country. She loves the Argentine people as much as the tango and calls Argentina her other home.
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