Molasses pours slowly, thick stuff that it is and that’s exactly how things move in BsAs. Of course on must take into account the change in routine. For example, my day today began at 12:30 pm when I first opened my eyes to the hammering from the construction next door. I had closed my eyes about 5am, after a lovely night with included watching my dear friend, Chino and his partner, Carla, dance at Cafe Tortoni on Aveneda de Mayo. The show was great, Chino was awesome, Carla was stunning. After we went to dance and Nancy, my friend from Portland joined us. We went to el Baldosa Milonga in Flores. It was large, maybe 300 to 400 people there. There was a snger, an older guy who sang with DiSarli. He was awesome and it was a privilege to oberve how the ordinary peple of BsAs admire and show respect to these older trailblazers. We also got to see some performance dances, two different couples well known here and both very accomplished. I danced with Chino a couple of tandas and with a stranger, the chacarrea(sp), a well known folk dance. We dined on canneloni with spinach and cheese with lovely white and red sauce. Homemade and awesome. Chino left about 3am, Nancy and I stayed on til closing at 4am. So it goes. Now it’s 9pm next day and all I have accomplished is showering, eating at my fav. cafeteria down the road, getting some pesos from the bank and buying a few necessities. Oh yes, and getting credit on my cell which Chino loaned me today so I wouldn’t be isolated. Learning it’s quirks is yet another matter. So, my day has been slow as molasses, but then, from another perspective, it’s just about to begin. Where to go, that is the ?


About tangobunny

Pastor Bunny went on sabbatical leave to Argentina July 28-November 4, 2010, funded by a pastoral renewal grant from the Lily Foundation. It was her second visit to AR. Since then she's been back three more times and toured the country. She loves the Argentine people as much as the tango and calls Argentina her other home.
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