Feliz Cumpleanos Para Mi!

My birthday in BsAs was problematic. You see, it was also Mother’s Day here in BsAs. So, when to have a party, Sat. or Sun?Yep, Mother’s Day here is October 17–or maybe just that Sunday in October? Nevertheless, I got lots of attention from my AR amigos! Happy Mom¡s Day greetings AND Happy Birthday hugs and kisses, flowers and small gifts! It lasted too, as I believe birthday celbrations should. We began, Esther and I,(she’s from Denmark and here for 4 months visit) at a molonga on Maipu 444. My first time at this one. It was lovely! First I had an amazing tanda of swing with a cute AR guy and left the floor breathless after 3 wild numbers! (In the US we sensibly do only one at a time when we do a fast swing.) Here they call swing-east coast only-“rock.” They love it. Many, not all milongas will play one tanda at least. What’s a tanda, you say? That’s a short series of songs, usually 3 or 4. The songs are related, by the same composer, or same period or style. You dance this tanda with the same person. Then there is a short break with some very different music to which no one dances. This is when you change partners. It’s called the cortina. Okay then. One great beginning early on in the evening. Then a nice tango with a guy I met at a tango class on Independencia St. He’s from Pakistan, I think. Lovely. Esther and I found ourselves chatting with table mates from Columbia, a mom, her young adult son and his girlfriend, whose name is Juliana, who has moved to BsAs to study filmmaking. They didn’t dance tango but want to learn so I invited them to Chino’s class which will be tonight on Sarmiento 722. A cumbia tanda came along and the ladies and I decided to take the floor. It was great! I danced cumbia, the national dance of Columbia, in a BsAs milonga with two gals from Columbia! Esther surprised me with a bottle of champagne and we passed the bottle to our table freinds and Matti, a teacher there from Luna Llena. I greeted a couple I recognized from the Beretin in Portland and after the cumbia tanda the gal said it was like watching a show. I had to laugh at how wild and crazy and wonderful this night had become and how lovely a way to turn 68! Soon we headed out to La Veruta to finish the evening, or should I say morning. This wasn’t so great for me, so as it was nearly 5 a.m. I headed home by taxi. It was Sunday, my birthday, and I had invited some friends to dinner. I slept a bit and then got up  and got ready to go to the market, a Jumbo about 3 blocks away. Jorge from the 2nd floor had changed his plans the afternoon before to accompany me there. I am pretty sure he has a crush but, he’s maybe 10 yrs older and would never keep up! Nice man, tho. Too bad he doesn´t dance. Okay, so back to Jumbo for a few more things, and to cook. My birthday menu: stuffed mushrooms(huge hit), asparagus rolls with ham and cheese, baked brie, two other cheeses, salami slices, crackers, breads and gin and tonic the big hit of the evening). For dinner: stuffed cabbage leaves, baked tiny red potatoes, green salad, bread, and for dessert: american apple pie! First came Chino, my adoped new son and one of my teachers with a gift of c.d.s, then Esther carrying flowers, Nico, another teacher and finally Ricardo, also a teacher. Jorge didn’t come as he was visiting outside Capital Federal and wasn’t able to get back. We had a lovely, jolly time with lots of laughs and after supper, we headed to Veruta, sans Esther who had other plans. But the boys all took turns dancing with me and it was just divine! My last dance was a surprise. I was getting ready to go and had changed shoes and they put on cumbia. There was Rodrigo standing in front of me, his dark hair falling around his shoulders, his lovely eyes twinkling. So, of course I put my gear right down and still in my Keens headed to the dance floor. It was amazing. I lost track of how many times he said “eso!” (that’s it! or way to go)To much fun! Rodrigo has become my favorite teacher. He is from Patagonia, moved here a little more than a year ago to pursue the dance life. He’s been dancing 10 years and is really gifted, grounded and graciously humble. He tells me, “Now you don’t need so much technique; you just need to dance.” So tonight he will be working at Grisel, another milonga, and I will go, at his invitation, and he will dance with me maybe one tanda. Another unexpected and rare opportunity; a gift to treasure. This is going to be a very good year! God is good—-all the time!


About tangobunny

Pastor Bunny went on sabbatical leave to Argentina July 28-November 4, 2010, funded by a pastoral renewal grant from the Lily Foundation. It was her second visit to AR. Since then she's been back three more times and toured the country. She loves the Argentine people as much as the tango and calls Argentina her other home.
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  1. Sheri says:

    OMG, you are not going to want to leave there, Tia! The dancing sounds sublime and your birthday meal to die for. Y pobre Jorge! (Hee hee). We were sending you happy birthday wishes from the north (just check your facebook)! Muchos besos,

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